Alien Sunflower Invades Back Yard

It’s sunflower time in Park City. The wild sunflowers have been blooming around Silver Creek for almost a month. And an early planting has yielded a garden of sunflowers in the back yard. But lying admist the beautiful yellow and green is an alien object. Yes, Carole’s latest creation! Click below to see more.

The latest yard art is a wonderful addition to the yard. It’s origin goes this April when grandson Zachary hauled home a rusted out exhaust pipe. Creative Carole started looking on the freeway for hubcaps. And not just any hubcap. She threw one or two back before a friend at work found the the perfect one. And the baling wire was laying around the garage. Zachary put the whole thing together during his July visit. Yes, it is a Mercedes hubcap, which was fine for car connoisseur Zach.

The sunflowers were planted in the spring with the thought they would give us a great view from the deck. And mid-summer the metal yard art was planted in the same fashion. But we just didn’t know mother nature well enough. And she chose to have the sunflowers looking at the morning sun. So the yard art just had to turn around.

This is an early bloom for the sunflowers. Two years ago Carole never even saw the bumper crop as they bloomed in September when we were in Wisconsin. With a fabulous growing season (not a sign of fall in sight), the sunflowers had optimum condition and are in full bloom three weeks earlier than in the past.

The sunflowers are a brilliant addition to the back yard. But it’s all that much more fun with Carole’s latest creation (and credit to Zachary, as well, for his artistical and mechanical efforts.)