Santa Skis Free

It was Santa Skis Free day at The Canyons resort in Park City Saturday (Dec. 16). And Santa thanked the kind folks at The Canyons by bringing a half-foot of snow as a teaser then a big dump of around two feet in the next day. Over a dozen Santas turned out, including an entire Santa family from Provo who returned for a third year.


It’s fun to ski as Santa, especially when you don’t have a pass and it’s free (do the math on the six-person family from Provo). Santa can do just about anything. And everyone loves Santa. Santa also helps to wake up those people taking the Cabriolet up to the base who aren’t really paying attention. Seeing Santa brighly decked out in red and white tends to perk people up.

The Santas have to work for their tickets, though, with a run or two of photo ops for local media. Imagine the scene of a dozen Santas making Santa S’s down Snowdancer!

The little Santa girls from Provo are always the most fun to watch. Jennifer and Victoria are great little skiers and real troopers, making their wedge turns in full Santa gear.

The most innovative Santa garb this year were two young women who opted to not run out to Wal-Mart or Target to get a suit, but rather take some basic red gear and take on the Santa persona with the simple addition of a Santa hat or beard. Very creative, good looking, great skiers and they got a free lift ticket.

We seriously missed former U.S. Freestyle Ski Team athlete Kris ‘Fuzz’ Feddersen. Most of us other Santas are pretty much whimps. So we missed Santa Fuzz’ terrain park antics.

Mark your calendars next year for the same weekend, probably something like Saturday, Dec. 15.

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