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Snow Jeepin’

Snow Jeepin’, originally uploaded by tkellyphoto.

What a great day, getting the Jeep out on the first big 4×4 outing of the year. Zach and I thought we would try Snake Creek Canyon above Midway, Utah. I knew it would be a bit sketchy but it was worth a try.

We had pretty good going up through the first few switchbacks. But I knew it would get touchy in the shady, north-facing run up to the ridgeline. Well, we didn’t even get to that point. The snow started just inside the U.S. Forest Service border. If we had thought to being a shovel we could have safely driven further.

It was a lot of fun, though, and nothing that could cause too much trouble. And we made the wise call to turn back at the appropriate point.

Then it was off to Soldier Hollow and the Cascade Springs Road. Not a flake of snow in sight there and we were treated to some fabulous views of Timp from the ridgeline.