Fourth of July Cookout

The Fourth of July is perfect for a mid-summer cookout. The beauty for us is that if fireworks are important, we can watch them from the deck after dinner! This year’s cookout was another extravaganza, with more food than you can imagine as Chef Tom and Chef Richard combined for a fine BBQ. Checkout the lineup below. Sorry, too busy cookin’ and eatin’ to get any pix. Thanks to Carey for helping man the grill!



Carole put on an awesome display in the absence of Baker Liza, who had other plans.

  • Key Lime Pie
  • Chocolate Brownies with Creamy Chocolate Frosting
  • Homemade Meringues with Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries

Wine and Beer

  • Wine: Barefoot Zin (latest inexpensive Zin at Utah State Liquor Stores) – sorry, Gail, that Ravenswood Zin you dropped WOULD have been wonderful … next time
  • Beer: Ayinger Altbarisch Dunkel

2 replies on “Fourth of July Cookout”

This was great!!!! Thanks for putting recipes on site. Miss you guys lots!
This is one of the pictures I want!!! LOVE IT!