Mother’s Day Brunch with the Ladies

Mother’s Day Brunch, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

We love to entertain but one of my favorite occasions is Mother’s Day Brunch with the ladies. It’s a wonderful time to bring together all of our friends who don’t have another Mother’s Day engagement and treat them to a special day.

This year’s menu was tons of fun to create and prepare, including a few brunch appetizers around our kitchen butcher block to allow it to warm up a bit before enjoying some beautiful spring sunshine on the deck.

Mother’s Day Menu
Brie and Chevre cheeses with pumpernickel bread
Norwegian Gjetost cheese
Assorted meats
Asiago bagels with salsa cream cheese
Strawberries with Grand Marnier whipped cream
Scrambled eggs with dill and smoked Alaskan salmon
Colosimo’s sausage
Chef Tom’s Lyonnaise hash browns
Chocolate covered strawberries (thank you Elizabeth and Candace)
Winder Farms Orange Juice