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Tom and Carole are an adventurous couple living in Park City, Utah. We enjoy travel, time with our 10 grandkids, entertaining friends on our deck, mountain biking, Jeeping and Geocaching. tomandcarole.com is for our friends, family and future friends. It’s a way of our sharing our outdoor adventures, global travel and great food and wine!

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Knowing we had a meeting in Turkey, we spent two years figuring out a sidetrip to Greece. Finally, three months out, we threw in the towel. It was just too complex. We settled, happily, for a wonderful few days in Kas, Turkey. But when we arrived, we saw this wonderful island just two miles away. We learned it was the Greek island of Meis. So we hopped a morning ferry, arriving in a wonderful, brightly painted village, to enjoy lunch, swimming and another new country in our passport.

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