Bajio Mexican Grill

We first discovered Bajio Mexican Grill (ba-HEE-o) a few years ago in Orem. It’s somewhat similar to Chipotle or Qdoba, but better. You pick from a menu on the wall ($5-7) and walk the grill line having the staff customize your order. Quick, easy, healthy, tasty. I usually go for a el pastor (pork) burrito or a pair of tacos; Carole goes with the flauta Bajio (salad), which is monster sized. Bajio now had a couple dozen restaurants in seven states (Nick, coming to Carmel soon at 9800 N. Michigan)! It’s Utah based (and closed on Sunday, major bummer) and rapidly franchising. Checkout the website if you want to invest $300-500,000 and get in on what we feel is a super hot restaurant!

The Park City Bajio is located in the Kimball’s Junction shopping complex, next to Starbucks in the old K-Mart building. This is the shopping complex with Smiths and just next to Redstone.