Good Thymes Bistro

Good Thymes Bistro has become our most favorite favorite. When Carole’s gone, I’ve been known to dine there three or four nights a week. It’s reasonable, it’s unique, the food is great and the location is convenient. Ironically, the location itself has been a dog for past restaurants — guess that says something about the restaurants! Good Thymes was a hit from the first day it opened in summer, 2006.

Good Thymes features a killer sandwich menu from $7-10. My favorites are the meatloaf sandwich and BBQ pork. And it offers full dinner entrees for $10+. Carole and I can have a nice dinner with a drink apiece for $25-30.

The restaurant also features a tier-pricing wine list that is becoming popular at many trendy new restaurants. There are about three price points for wine by the glass (almost EVERYTHING is available by glass) or by bottle.

Good Thymes is located in the Kimball’s Junction shopping complex, next to Washington Mutual in the small shopping pod just up from Smiths. It backs up to highway 224 but you can’t really see it from the highway itself.