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Paddlewheeler on the Rock River

Paddlewheeler on the Rock River, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

It was a long day for Tour de Heartland, starting at 6 a.m. in Kansas City, then an eventful nine hour drive to Dixon, IL for Brandon and Charlotte’s wedding reception, then two hours to Madison. To make it a perfect day, we took the scenic route.

The water is amazingly high in the Midwest. We took a beautiful route for sunset from Dixon to Rockford along the Rock River. Sadly, our timing was a bit off as most of it was post-sunset. So when we initially passed this paddlewheeler, I didn’t even stop.

But young Naomi kept talking about how nice the clouds looked in the sunset afterglow. So I spun the Audi Q5 around and went back, just in time to catch this paddlewheeler lazily strolling upstream with the clouds in the backdrop.

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Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter Bride, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

First of all, my apologies to Brandon for not choosing a photo of you with your new wife. Hey, you’re cool and we all love you. But this shot of Charlotte with dad was just too good to pass up!

Tour de Heartland took us from Kansas City to Dixon, IL for Brandon and Charlotte’s wedding reception. The reception was a fabulous Midwestern affair – maybe not quite as exciting as the crash-bang Key West wedding earlier in July, though!

Charlotte and her sister Emily, daughters of my sister Pat and her Lutheran pastor husband Gary, have always been favorites for us. We’ll never forget their trip to Park City and Yellowstone (with Coco) many years ago. We never knew how much young girls can eat until that trip!

This photograph was taken close to the end of the afternoon. The two of them were standing there and, frankly, I was more interested in the cool light on the sunflower on the gift table. I simply could not find an angle that really cooperated. So, composition wise, this ain’t the greatest.

But you can throw out all the composition rules in the world when you get two smiles like this. It says it all!

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