SUNDANCE: Reporter

To most Sundance audiences, I suspect Eric Daniel Metzgar’s Reporter is the emotional story of human tragedy in Central Africa. But the journalist in me sees it more as a showcase for the changing face of media in our world today. Either way, it offers a deep, sometimes dark, look into today’s global challenges.

SUNDANCE: Earth Days

We’ve all had those moments when we think back in time and say, ‘If only I had …’ There’s a pivotal point in Robert Stone’s environmental documentary Earth Days when one of the lead characters exclaims, ‘We’ve wasted 30 years.’ Whether it’s a valid point or not is debatable. But as you hear from nine leaders of the early environmental movement in the Sundance Film Festival’s closing premier, you are clearly struck with the thought, ‘What did I do to help? And, what can I do now?’

Sundance: It Might Get Loud

If you’ve been alive the last few decades and have even the slightest memory of your favorite rock band and the life the electric guitar brought to the music, watching It Might Get Loud will be 97 of the best spent minutes of your life.


Sundance: New Frontier Shorts

First of all, I’m a big believer of having respect for artists’ creativity. So I stayed for the full hour-and-a-half. And in the Q&A when several of those still remaining expressed great excitement about the three films, I appreciated knowing that there was some art form. But a day later, I’m still trying to figure out what we really saw at the New Frontier Shorts.

Sundance Is Here!

We’ve always enjoyed having our hometown play host to the Sundance Film Festival. It’s an exciting time for our community to be in the international spotlight. Our only regret is that while we’ve always enjoyed the Festival, we’ve only actively attended films the last few years. Registering for locals deals and picking out tickets on the fly is always stressful. But we go with the flow and just enjoy everything we have the opportunity to see.