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First Car

Zach is proud of his first car, a 2001 Saturn with 135,000 miles. It runs like a champ. Thanks, Katie!


Redrock with Zach

We love introducing people to Utah’s Redrock country. Somehow, over the years, we’ve never had the opportunity to take Zach. Now, driver’s license in hand, Zach joined us for an eye-opening trip to one of the most wonderful places in the world! Watch for more pictures to come.


Zachary Light Art

Zachary and I paid a visit to a friend, Bruce Hucko, in Moab. Bruce is a noted photographer and founder of the Moab Photo Symposium. Bruce covered a lot of fascinating topics, but one that really struck Zach was learning about how to paint light into a photograph. While Carole and I were waiting for our table at Ray’s, Zach explored the streets of Green River. He found this fabulous old abandoned building. After dinner, using a small hiking headlamp, Zach setup pictures where he painted light onto the building. Then he had another clever idea, to spin circles with the light. The results were incredible and gave him a great sense of how light works in photography.

Zach’s Self Portrait

Checkout Zach’s self portrait for his high school photography class. It’s a great shot at the water tower across from the house. And, he did some very creative Photoshop work in class to enhance it even more.



Flippin’ Burgers with Zach

Zach and I have been longtime burger fans, going back to afternoons after pre-school when we literally had our own private booth at McDonalds in Park City. Then there was the famous 101 Cafe in Oceanside, where Zach was introduced to man-sized burgers. And who could forget trying to hit every In ‘n Out in California! Tonight, for annual two-guys outing, we cruised Main Steet in Park City, introduced Z to Daly Canyon, and headed for the newest (and only) burger joint in town: Flippin’ Burgers.

Zach’s Bedroom

With the kitchen completed, it was time to head off around the house and fix up a few other rooms. After five weeks living with us, it was time for Zach to have a bedroom that fit his image. Carole and Zach collaborated in the course of an afternoon to transform the famous Blue Room (the Meghan Suite) into a fabulous room with steel grey, blue and off white, and some hot new black sheets. Check it out and watch for more to come soon.