It’s Still Snowing!

It simply won’t stop snowing! Even Fr. Bob, our Catholic pastor and good ski friend, has stopped praying for snow. Yes, the skiing is great. But winter has become rather arduous out here in Silver Creek, near Park City, Utah.

This past week was simply over the top. On Monday, Jan. 28, the National Weather Service forecast an ‘explosive’ storm from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The forecast was spot on! We must have had 6-9 inches in two hours in town. That was the first of four storms that week, each dumping a foot or more at home.

Our friend Paul Robbins was in town last week. His car got stuck at the hotel on Friday. He cleaned it off that evening. When we came to rescue him 36 hours later, there was about 16 inches of accumulated snow on the car.

We reached a complete impasse on our driveway last Friday — absolutely nowhere to put the snow. We have a fabulous snowplow guy, Joel. He got both of his plow trucks stuck on and had to bring in the Jeep Rubicon (sorry I missed that) to winch them out. So we put the call in to Charlie, the neighborhood front-end loader guy. He came by Saturday and spent 90 minutes cleaning it out and creating some new plow dumping zones. A day later, most of it was drifted in. Fortunately, it was light enough for Joel to give it a try with his new Fisher plow blade. That was good as we had a party that evening.

Life in Silver Creek requires a 4WD with a tow strap. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t strap up to pull one of our two 4WD’s out of the snow, or help a neighbor or stranger. Saturday I gave a lift to a woman who left her keys in her car at Deer Valley. When I dropped her off in Park Meadows, the neighbor had high-centered her Mini Cooper. Boy, those are easy to pull out!

The drifts in our backyard are especially beautiful. It’s like the Sahara! We have this fabulous little Russian olive tree that’s about 8-10 feet high now. There’s a drift more than halfway up the tree surrounding it — same with our Canadian Maple!

It has given us incentive to look at new snowshoes. We checked out some Tubbs and Yukon Charlie showshoes at the SIA show. We like our Red Feathers, but really want something with a new binding. We have some great terrain and snow right out our back door.

If you want to checkout the snow totals, here’s a cool Web site with snowfall totals from around the country. As I write this, Alta is well over 300 inches with the Park City resorts around 200. We have another storm tonight, with a monster coming in Wednesday and another one Friday.

Checkout some of our snow pix below!






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Wow it is really beautiful!!! Grandma and papa I love your new car!!!!!!!!!! mom I love your hair! I suggest snowshoes for sure, we will come out and join you. Abby says I love you gramma and papa