Christmas at Home

It’s a happy and sad Christmas. Happy to be home for the holidays for the first time since 1997, but sad to not with with any of the kids. So since we can’t be in Wisconsin (with Erin, Meghan or Michael) or Colorado (where Chris is skiing) we’ll share Christmas here. Check back for updated photos, webcam of gift opening (yah, it’s corny) AND please leave a holiday greeting in the comments section below.

Our holiday plan begins when Carole finally gets off basket duty on Christmas eve around 3 p.m. Then it’s off to 5 p.m. mass at the Eccles Center. This will clearly be a new experience for us, not having celebrated Christmas here for some time. We will definitely miss Father Bill’s Hayward Christmas mass. Then we’ll share a private Christmas Eve alone, enjoying dinner and opening gifts.

Christmas Eve Menu

  • Italian meats (from Tony Caputo’s)
  • Cheeses of the world
  • Tom’s world famous wild rice soup
  • Raclette with beef, potatoes and other vegetables
  • Wide array of gifted desserts, featuring Cindy’s velveeta cheese fudge (yes, you read that right)
  • Parusso 2000 Bricco Rovella, a wonderful Italian red from the Langhe valley near Torino, acquired from my friend Stefano who runs a small wine bar in Bormio

Christmas Day will feature skiing (hopefully) with outstanding conditions! The likely target for Santa is Deer Valley, while Mrs. Claus relaxes (that means probably cleaning). Our good friends Richard, Gail and Liza will join us for dinner.

Christmas Day Dinner

  • Italian meats
  • Cheeses of the world
  • Tom’s world famous wild rice soup
  • Arugula salad with verjus
  • Appetizer a’la Richard
  • Prime rib of beef encrusted in mustard and pepper, with a creamy horseradish sauce
  • Horseradish mashed potato pancakes (watch for this recipe coming soon!)
  • Dessert a’la Deer Valley-trained Liza

Christmas Eve was wonderful, with lots of calls from the kids as we mutually opened gifts. It was a culinary Christmas for me with lots of cool gadgets and essentials from lots of different folks. It was especially fun to listen to Madeline and Abby open gifts (with Henry opening everything in the background).

It’s been a wonderful, white Christmas. It’s been a week since our last snow, but the ground is completely covered and the weather is perfect! For Nick and Keli and family(s), you should have fabulous skiing later this week!

Watch for more updates coming later! And please post your holiday greetings.

NOTE: Keep checking back for more Christmas pictures!

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Love the website. We have been up since 5, w.a.i.t.i.n.g for the kids to wake up. Unusual since they usually wake us up at 5. We miss you but don’t fret – one thing you did not miss was Fr Bill’s mass since he is now relaxing – retired. BUT Sr. Mardelle did a wonderful service with the help of Fr. Jerry. The music was fabulous with violins, trumpets, french horn, guitars, organ, and beautiful choir. The best part was when the little ones came up as Mary and Joseph and they Sr invited all the little ones up and they had a “children’s time” which was awesome. Dinner sounds wonderful – waiting for the potato pancake recipe!! We are having about 18 for dinner. (Another reason I am up at 5). No snow which is depressing but maybe this week!! Have a wonderful, relaxing day!!! The big guy says “Hi”.

Will check back later for more pics.
Love, Carey and Cindy

OOPS, the kids are moving around. Time for chaos!!!

Merry Christmas! I just got the link for your site! You’ll have to visit VT sometime soon and see the (not so lil’ any more) lil’ guy! We finally have a dusting of snow here!
Happy New Year!
Katie, Mark, and James

I felt as if I was there. Thank you for your play by play Christmas visual essay.

The feasts seemed to never end and that was one cool made in the red shade santa on the slopes.
I know I’ve mentioned it before but I must remind you how I much I like the site. It’s so easy to click around interesting and entertaining subjects.
We will check out the recipes after we settle back in KC from the long winter trip. I can’t believe we made it to Winter Park and back out between the dumps. I wish we were still there and snow locked.
Thank you again for your thoughtfulness through your gifts. I wore the wool socks the first two days skiing and the cash will go towards new somethings at world Market.

Can’t wait to see you soon.
I will send you pick or something trip related with in the next week.

I like your Christmas Eve menu. Especially the raclette part! It is such a nice relaxing meal, isn’t it. And perfect for a cool Winter day. We often have that on NYE.

Well Hello you 2,
This Web site is FANTASTIC~ I wish I had known about it sooner, but better late then never is a good thing too.
Enjoying a very mild winter here in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. Yesterday we had a cold front go through that lowered the temps to a balmy 58 degrees.
Mom and Dad haven’t been able to call us this year to rub in our snow falls (we haven’t had any as of yet) nor the freezing temps while they bask in 90 degree weather in FL. Don’t you just feel for them?
I have been growing herbs and perennials to sell every spring, am wintering over several hundreds of them and they have actually started to get new growth on them. I could live like this every winter although the global warming aspects concern me.
Loved your metal sunflower Auntie Carol.. I need to send you a set of the Metal Sculptures I make to add to your garden. They are a small band of Winged Fairies all of whom play an instrument. They are cheeky, rusty and fun. I also make Winged Pigs (when pigs can fly) and Butterflies called Flutter bys among other things… I found my true calling in life, Moasics and Rusty Metal.. they both simply move and inspire me.
Well it was fun seeing this site and all of your photos. I will check back often now that I know about it.
Please tell all of my cousins Hello for us and that they are often on my mind.
Hugs to Tom, We love you both,
Lisa (and a snoozing Jerry)