Chrismas Day Pork Roast

Chrismas Day Pork Roast, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

A bone-in pork roast made for a fabulous Christmas Day dinner. Checkout the holiday menu.

The key to the dinner was a unique cooking technique for the bone-in pork roast from Big Daddy’s Kitchen (check it out below). The technique worked out pretty well, although it’s still a challenge figuring out the faster cooking times our the Wolf convection oven. It’s really amazing how quickly you can cook up a major eight-bone pork roast.

The pork roast was a new recipe and a bit success. Each rib provided an inch-thick chop, cooked a perfect medium – just a bit pink when cut and quickly browning out for a perfect, tasty, moist chop.

The brussels sprouts are a longtime favorite, direct from the pages of Bon Appetit. The gruyere gratin potatoes were on my original Thanksgiving menu before Chef Richard and I decided to simplify and stick with garlic mashed. The potatoes were a hit. The green beans were for Hannah, who just loves them. The the gougeres are just so simple to make they’re becoming a staple for big dinners like this.

The dessert is a new treat inspired by a recent cherries jubilee at Adolph’s in Park City. It’s pretty much a homebrew recipe, draining the juice from a can of pitted cherries, thickened up with sugar and corn starch and tastied up with some vanilla bean. After it thickens up, add the cherries and serve over vanilla bean ice cream.

This is a great holiday dinner! Enjoy.